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Supporters IO 2012

Polizia di Stato Assolombarda Università della Svizzera Italiana Facoltà di Informatica MIUR USR Veneto e-ducazione Itsos Albe Steinee Comunicazione multimediale Università degli Studi di Milano Nexus Edizioni Rotary International Liceo Veronica Gambara di Brescia Comune di Cremona Associazione Filarmonica "Isidoro Capitanio" Banda cittadina di Brescia Comune di Brescia

Why become sponsor for the IOI 2012?

Managing a complex event such as the International Olympiad in Informatics implies undivided attention to the quality of each input and a rigorous control over the efficiency, effectiveness and punctuality of every foreseen action.
The wide network of relations that will ensue, the significant mediatic visibility (press, TV and Web) and the underlying meaning of an initiative that considers competence and excellence as the turning points in a field – informatics – that by definition is associated with innovation and development, are key factors for the success not only of the IOI event, but also of our partners.
We need first class partners.
We want to guarantee the full success of the initiative for all those who will attend and thus count on the virtuous effect of everyone’s best efforts.
We need you to help us win this challenge.

  • About IOI 2012 EN (pdf, 1 Mb) – IT (pdf, 1 Mb)
  • Sponsoring IOI 2012: EN (pdf, 91 kb) – IT (pdf, 201 kb)


  • USR Lombardia – Silvana Massobrio – e-mail : smassobrio@istruzione.lombardia.it
    tel . +39 02 574627324
  • AICA – Daniela Rovina – e-mail : comunicazioni@aicanet.it
    tel . +39 02 76455031