IOI 2012 is officially over

The IOI has come to an end and the contestants have received their medals. The closing ceremony took place this afternoon at the Centro Congressi in Sirmione.
The conference was presented by Matteo Campese and there followed by a short speech by the Mayor of Sirmione, Alessandro Mattinzoli. Other speakers were Mr Daniele Molgora (President of Brescia Province), and Mr. Giulio Occhini (AICA director). The students were then each called on stage to receive their hard earned prizes. Overall, 155 medals were handed out, 26 of which were gold, 52 silver and 77 bronze.
Special awards to the highest ranking female contestant, the youngest contestant and to the best 3 tweets to the hashtag #myioi2012 were also made and scholarships from the Swiss Italian University, Milan Polytechnic and Milan State University were also offered.
Mr. Richard Forster (current IOI president), Mr. Giuseppe Colosio (Chair of IOI 2012) and Mr. Peter Taylor (future Chair of IOI 2013) closed the proceeding with the handover of the IOI flag and a presentation of IOI 2013 in Australia. The ceremony was enriched with musical intermezzi by the Capitanio brass band fromBrescia.